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Sam Worthington Net Worth, Early Life, Wife

Sam Worthington Net Worth

Sam Worthington Net Worth, Early Life, Wife.

Sam Worthington is a known Australian-English writer and actor from the city of Surrey in England.

The Surrey, Australian-English actor has featured in numerous popular films like in ‘Terminator Salvation’ where he acted as Marcus Wright, in “Avatar” where he acted as Jake Sully, he also acted as Perseus in the film ‘Clash of the Titans’ and also in  ‘Wrath of the Titans.’

Sam Worthington Net Worth, Early Life, Wife

Sam Worthington Net Worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $26 million.

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Early Life of Sam Worthington

In the year 1976, 2nd of August, the actor Samuel Henry Worthington was born in Surrey, England.

He was brought up in Warnbro Rockingham.

The name of his mother is Jeanne J. And his father, Ronald W. Worthington.

The father was an employee in a power plant station while his mother was a housewife.

Net Worth of Sam Worthington: $26 Million
Sam Worthington Age: 43
Born on: August 2, 1976
Nationality of: Australia
Wealth Source: A Professional Actor

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Career of Sam Worthington

Although he was a professional actor, he was still unpopular but still has hopes of making a breakthrough in the Movie industry.

He came to spotlight when the role of Jake Sully was assigned to him in the popular movie “Avatar” in the year 2009.

In his role as Jake Sully, he was the US Marin who was in control and in charge of an alien body called the “Avatar.”

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The movie later became the highest grossing film with an amount of over $2.73 billion in the box office not until it was recently surpassed by the “Avengers End Game.”


Net Worth: $26 Million
Active Since 2000 till present
Home Town Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Born in Godalming, Surrey, England
Children 2
Age 43

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Career of Sam Worthington


The popular actors was also featured in the film, ‘Clash of the Titans’ in the Wrath of the Titans part together with another famous actor Liam Neeson.

The actor played  a Half-God In the movie and the son of Zeus called Perseus.

He was also featured as Nick Cassidy in a suspense-thriller film which was directed by Asger Leth called ‘Man on a Ledge’in the year 2012.

He was featured also in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ as Alex Mason.

In a discovery Channel television series called ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’, he was also featured as Jim Fitzgerald

In the year 2019, Netflix thriller film featured him as Ray Monroe in the film ‘Fractured.’

Sam Worthington Net Worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $26 million.

Highlights of Sam Worthington Career

Below are some highlighted career of Sam Worthington.

  1. Avatar in the year 2009
  2. Fractured in the year 2019.

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Things you should know about Sam Worthington

According to Sam Worthington, he was broke even at the age of 30.

He had to sell off numerous of his properties in other to add at least $2,000 to his name.

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According to him, he bought a car with the $2,000 and was living In the car before he went for the audition of “Avatar” where he was successfully selected.

After he was successfully selected, he he then looked for an apartment which he would stay.

He affirmed to the flying rumor that he was dating an Australian model name Lara Bingle on 18th October 2013.

On 28 December 2014, they got married and even had a son together named Rocket Zot, in the year 2015.

The two happily married couples has the second child on October 2016 named Racer.

Sam Worthington is a devoted Christian.

3 Things You should Lear from Sam Worthington

1. Never Give up

The popular actor, Sam Worthington must have done many auditions but became successful in the one that blew his career to spotlight.

You might have tried to making it in a particular area and all seems not to be working out fine, why not keep trying with different approach and true me, it will be a Jackpot someday.

2. It I not to late to succeed

You can make it at anytime, any age and any where if you decide to trash the mentality of  “A Fool at 40 is a fool forever” which is also a mentality of you can’t make it she you clock 40.

People are making it big amd bagging appointment even in their 50s.

At the age of 30, Sam Worthington was having nothing and even even said he sold almost all his properties just so he could buy a car to live in to avoid his landlord troubles.

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Probably, he was broke to afford to pay his rent.

But that didn’t stop him to keep trying and applying for film auditions and luckily for him, he landed himself in one of the biggest role in “Avatar.”

3. Don’t let your current situation decides for you

Always say no to poverty because it is a disease.

Poverty shouldn’t be an option for you, you need to push in order to be free from such bondage.


Sam Worthington Net Worth 2020

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