Top 6 Restaurant Management Software

Top 6 Restaurant Management Software

The food sector remains in full expansion, even in times of crisis. 

The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) estimates that the segment of food outside the home – as it is called by entrepreneurs in the industry – grows, on average 10% annually.

In the midst of this constant increase, businessmen in the sector need to find solutions that set them apart from other competitors. An example is using technology to retain customers.

Investing in new technology is an economical and effective alternative to innovate in your establishment. 

There are several online services and software that can help you solve everyday problems simply. 

In addition, of course, to bring new ideas to your business. 

The body advises that bars and restaurants take new opportunities and be aware of changes. 

So, check out this post, some software that can help you in doing just that.

Menu Digital

Compatible with any smartphone device, the Digital Menu allows customers to access the restaurant menu from their mobile phone. 

Access is done via QR Code or directly in the browser, through a link. 

The company offers restaurants a thousand printed table displays with such information free of charge.

With their new system, customers can also place their orders and request the bill, without having to call a waiter. 

The menu can also be automatically translated into different languages. 

The company has three different types of plans, but on its website, it does not specify the values. 

You must contact us for more information.


This loyalty application allows customers to accumulate points each time they consume in an establishment. 

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To do so, scan the invoices received, converting them into stamps. 

After reaching the amount determined by the tool, the consumer can redeem their reward.

Bonuz can be valuable resource relationships with customers, encouraging them to return to the restaurant

The company also provides an intelligence tool, with information and results about the points program, called Companion. 

It is possible to view details such as the total customer base, average ticket, and investment in rewards, among other data.


Investing in electronic payment methods can be an alternative to the traditional debit and credit devices used in restaurants. 

Among the resources available on the market, PayPal is one of the best known.

It is only necessary that the customer and establishment have accounts in the tool.

In this way, payment can be made entirely via the application. 

PayPal offers solutions such as QR code and prepaid cards to facilitate the receipt of payments for your business. 

This is a way to prevent possible communication failures in the traditional means used in restaurants.


Does your restaurant offer an open Wi-Fi network? 

Using an authentication feature can be an alternative to collect more data about your customers. 

The Linktel is one of the alternatives available for the type of actions. 

Before connecting to your network, the customer must log in, providing information such as name, email, and phone. 

It is also possible to perform a social login using Facebook accounts, for example.

In this way, it is possible to qualify contact lists, carry out promotions and related actions

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An excellent strategy to get to know and get closer to your audience. 

Subscriptions to the tool start at R $ 16.90 per month.


The Restorando is an online platform for restaurant reservations. 

Currently, it is the leader of this segment in Latin America.

Customers can search for establishments by name, neighborhood or type of cuisine. 

Some of the possibilities of the tool are to show your business to potential new customers and increase the number of reservations. 

Gathering more information about consumers, to get to know your target audience better is another resource that deserves mention. 

Confirmed reservations can be viewed at any time, whether by desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Smart Waiter

The Smart Waiter offers a complete platform of management for restaurants directly in the cloud. 

It is ensuring that your information is more secure and can be accessed from any device. 

The tool integrates several functions, from the generation of invoices to inventory control.

In addition to offering the command application to waiters, it also provides a direct ordering application. 

With this option, customers can automatically send their choices to the kitchen without an attendant. 

The program has report on business indicators and can work even without the internet in front of the cash register. 

Before making your effective contract, customers can try it for seven days free of charge.

Restaurant Management Software


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