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How To Increase The Speed Of The Internet In Your Business?

How To Increase The Speed Of The Internet In Your Business

Internet speed. This is the first feature that users look for in their connection.  

In the corporate environment, especially, having an agile internet is a guarantee of getting things done faster.

Employing the right plan for your business needs is the first big step. 

However, other factors can also help make the connection much more powerful. 

The user himself plays an important role in this process.

Put the tips below into practice and increase the capacity of your internet connection.

The tips that will increase the speed of the internet in your company


You don’t have to suffer from a slow internet connection. Just stay tuned to the ranking of tips that we set up especially for your company, they are:

  • Choosing the right equipment;
  • Clean navigation data;
  • Make updates;
  • Attention to the number of users connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Open fewer windows and tabs;
  • Stay alert with viruses.

Choosing the right equipment

The speed of your internet is directly linked to the attributes of the equipment. Even if there is good broadband, if the devices do not have enough capacity, the connection will perform poorly.

An outdated modem or an obsolete computer can be a hindrance at this point. Assess the conditions of the chosen equipment to guarantee quality access to the internet.

Clean navigation data

The browsers build their own temporary files and the computer in general. This data is called cookies and cache. 

Despite having a certain importance for navigation, it is advisable to delete them regularly. 

The Supporter, Lino Gomes, summed up the process simply: “I always recommend the cleaning cookies to users. In Google Chrome, just press Ctrl + H and select the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. Confirm the action, and the data will be deleted. Depending on the browser, this command may change, but everyone has an equivalent option“.

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Make updates

Whenever the browser releases new versions, try to install them as soon as possible. Updates often bring new features and fixes, which can improve your performance.

Attention to the number of users connected to Wi-Fi

As pointed out by the Supporter, Guilherme Rhein: “The more equipment connected, simultaneously, to access the internet, the slower the access. This happens because the internet ends up being shared among all the machines“.

Ideally, a single device has between 20 and 30 users connected. One solution to prevent this type of problem from happening is to install access points in the environment. This way, the connection can be better used. 

Open fewer windows and tabs

When more than one browser window is open, they will split the connection. Consequently, the internet will be slower in both windows.

So, prefer to use tabs instead of windows. But even so, be careful with the number of flaps open.

Stay alert with viruses

It is important to remember that slow browsers are one of the first signs of virus infestation. So, be aware of situations that can leave your computer vulnerable. Some recommendations that can protect you:

  • Block pop-ups on your browser to prevent advertisements and dubious links from being displayed. When trusted sites need to use this feature, they often ask for user authorization. In that case, allow pop-ups only at that time.
  • Avoid using your corporate email for personal matters, is the Supporter’s Tip, Juliano Gancev: “Use your work email for professional matters only. The chance of infecting the computer is greater if there is a custom of using a corporate email for personal purposes“.
  • Avoid installing the popular program extensions in your browser. In addition to slowing down the connection, they can carry some types of viruses.
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