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How To Create Strong Screen Locks


Screen locks are one of the most used mechanisms to lock your phone; however, try not to create common patterns. Let me show you how.

Screen locks are a way to increase the security of our cell phones. The drawings we make on the screen work similarly to the numeric passwords.

Many believe they are more reliable, after all, “only I know the design” but the truth is that most people prefer passwords as simple as “1234”. It is what revealed the research carried out by the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

During the study, more than 4 combinations were analyzed and believe me. Most were very simple. We will tell you what these combinations are used and give you tips to change that.

What are the most common screen locks?

According to the study, 44% of people draw a circle starting at the top left. The study is even more general; 77 % of people start drawing at the corner of the screen.

As with numeric passwords, the higher the number of characters, in this case, “the larger the design”, the more difficult it is to decipher it. In the study, volunteers were asked to draw three-screen locks, one for each application.

The designs created were to unlock the cell phone screen, the shopping app and the bank app. In most cases, simple combinations of four circles were formed.

Also, another finding of the survey was that men created longer passwords than women. The bank account received the most intricate design.

How to create a secure screen lock?

The best way to create a safe and challenging screen lock is to opt for larger designs, which is far away from the obvious.

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Opting for drawings that make intersections are also useful because they are more challenging to be identified by strangers. Of course, disabling that option that leaves the design visible, that way it is much more difficult for someone to see your password.

In spite of this, try not to complicate your unlock pattern so much as you may risk forgetting it and this can give you some headache.

How To Create Strong Screen Locks

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